Cannabis Industry Jobs You Could Consider


Looking for a new job? The cannabis industry jobs that may be coming could be an option. Increasing research results have dispelled most long-held cannabis misconceptions. Besides the recreational benefits, many health seekers opt for the more-natural cannabis and its products for its reported health gains.  Consequently, the cannabis market has reached its all-time high and may hit $24 billion in revenue in sales this year.

The plant has hurdled from a one-time evil weed to the world’s most sought-after plant. The broad-spread legalization and acceptance have caused a proportional increase in employment opportunities in the legal marijuana industry. Farmers, processors, and extractors are looking for more hands to help them meet the rising demands.

Although many of these positions do not require prior experience, a good knowledge of cannabis will increase your chances of getting hired. If a career in the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar industry looks good, here are common areas you consider.

Dispensary COO/CFO

Dispensary CFO or COO are found in state-approved medical marijuana dispensaries. They oversee accounting and financial reporting, plus operations at the cultivation facility.

In some organizations, this position supervises harvesting, processing, and distribution as well as production budget.

Interestingly, you do not need any cannabis-related qualifications to be eligible for this position.

However, since it concerns operation management and collection, recording, and reporting of financial data, good accounting knowledge and experience is desired. A certified public account may have an edge over other zero-experience applicants.

Dispensary manager

No doubt, dispensaries account for most jobs in the cannabis industry. Just like your standard retail outlets, dispensaries feature good management to sustain their complex operations.

In cannabis dispensaries, you’d usually find retail personnel with rich experience from top apparel outlets and high-standard retail outlets. Some background in pharmacology may boost your chances. Dispensary managers earn well and usually get performance bonuses and incentives, including paid vacation and health insurance.

Besides the remuneration and other financial gains, a career in the dispensary can boost your profile lead you to better prospects in and outside the cannabis niche.


If you easily connect with people, this job may fit. Budtenders are employed to help marijuana buyers make the best-informed decisions when contemplating which strain to use. The role demands good sales and communication skills.

You should also know your way around the different strains – Indica, Sativa, and hybrid – and understand how their CBD-to-THC ratios may help consumers’ needs. A budtender also knows how it feels with the different flavors and aromas and can guide customers along those lines.

Budtenders are typically friendly and always willing to aid customers through their decision-making process.

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Cultivator, trimmer, harvester

Here’s one of the most basic jobs in the marijuana niche. Trimmers cut out the buds from harvested marijuana stems and trim off the excess foliage. Precision, speed, and carefulness to achieve well-pruned buds with less waste will be highly needed on this job.

The trimmer makes the buds fit for the dispensary shelves. S/He sorts, dries, and weighs the harvest. This position has become popular across many marijuana-friendly states. It may be more preferred than working as a dishwasher, paid cook, and related low-paid jobs in restaurants.

At the entry-level, trimmers, cultivators, and harvesters may handle similar functions. They all relate to tending to marijuana farms. If you’re good with landscaping or gardening, you may be a nice fit for this role.

Extraction technician

A master extractor supervises these officers. They are usually operators of machines and equipment used in the production of concentrates and oils from the cannabis plant.

In cannabis farms, extraction technicians control laboratory inventory and ensure the work premise is clean and safe. Although the rudiments can be learned on the job, a background in science is a plus.

Master extractor

Master extractors are arguably one of the highest-paid in the legal cannabis niche. Their pay is justifiable as the position demands a great blend of experiences. Master extractors oversee the production of effective and safe concentrates and oil from cannabis plants.

They ensure the compounds (particularly CBD and THC) are extracted in precise ratios. They also ensure government regulations and other best practices are adhered to in their facilities. To pursue a career here, a Ph.D. in biochemistry is required. Some stroke of engineering know-how may also come in handy.

Master Grower

You can be paid handsomely to ensure the professional cultivation of healthy marijuana herbs.

The master grower oversees functions like planting, crop nutrition, cloning, grow-house technology, pest management, and staffing. The position may require regular interaction with compliance inspectors and law enforcement. Besides their salaries, master growers are usually rewarded for performance.

With this job description, experience in horticulture or botany crowned with a good background in cannabis farming are the most desired qualifications.

Other cannabis-related jobs

While the list above captures the most popular positions, here are other options you may consider:

  • Edibles Chef
  • Quality control inspector
  • Cashier and receptionist
  • Marijuana courier
  • Marijuana packager

Not sure where to start searching for these cannabis jobs? Here are helpful links mention but a few.

Wrap up

As the cannabis niche booms, there are increasing career opportunities in the marijuana industry.

No experience?  No worries.

Here are quick, helpful tips to increase your chances,

  • Research to know what your preferred position entails
  • Access your qualifications and strengths to know where fits you best
  • Know more about cannabis
  • Where necessary, get a marijuana worker permit
  • Come off as professional – not a pot lover

Except for a few top-managerial positions, there’s a lot of areas you can begin your career, even without any special certification.

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